Tampa Bay  inshore fishing report 7/23/2019

The summer bait is here, snapper and Speckled trout have showed up to eat it and have been caught on almost every outing along with good numbers of snook. Redfish have been on the hit list as well with some nice fish up to 35 inches. Grouper season is also here and we have been on a full moon  witch means that the bite will just get better for the next few weeks.


Tampa Bay Fishing Report 8/1/2016

Inshore:   The bite is on right now on the flats. The new hatch bait is here and the fish are loving it. Big numbers of snook are being caught 30 to 50 fish half day not uncommon these last few weeks, with some large fish 36 to 44 inches. On the reefs in the bay, lots of mangrowe snapper and spanish mackeral along with some flounder and grouper as well.

Offshore:  Snapper and grouper mostly but a few cobia have managed to make thier way into the boat.

10/25/2014 Tampa Bay Fishing Report

 Inshore on the Bay:The Redfish bite is still strong and were catching some really nice fish, and they are super strong this time of year. Snook are hitting live bait almost every where and in the recent week big over 20" speckled trout have been a daily event with a 27" trout yesterday by one of my regular clients.The weather is beautiful and the inshore action is great right now so come on out and wet a line with me, chances are it will be a great day.




Inshore Flats Fishing:

The bite is on in Tampa Bay redfish and snook are on fire eating everything in sight. We are getting good numbers again on the snook and with lots of 5-10 lb fish. Reds are still schooling and hitting hard.  The days are getting shorter and cooler, the water temps are cooling down and the fishing is great so give me a call and Ill get you out on the water and into some great action.

Offshore: Kingfish have started showing up on local beaches. Spanish Mackeral are on every reef and the Gag grouper have started heading into shallower waters. Mangrove snapper are still filling limits and coolers.




10/2/2014 Tampa Bay Fishing Report

Inshore Flats Fishing:   The redfish are everywhere on the outsides of the bars schooling up with large jacks. The recent heavy rains have most of the other fish pushed to the mouths of all the rivers and creeks.  The snook bite has been hot around these same areas. Mangrove snapper have still been finding thier way into coolers every day it seems like wherever we fish inshore these tasty fish are following us cause we catch them everywhere. Grouper are starting to show up in the bay now and are in season till Dec. This is the month for flounder, the past few years have been great and this one should be no exception. Just give me a call and weel get after em.


Offshore: Grouper are coming in to the closer reefs in 30-50'. Kingfish will be showing up any day now as well on the same reefs and around the same depths. Bottom fishing will get real good now for the next few months, this is the time of year we catch lots of hogfish. Spanish mackeral are all over the beaches feeding on large schools of bait.


9/7/2014 Tampa Bay Fishing Report

The bite is on snook are hitting well now and on artificials too. Now is a great time to throw artificials, snook are pounding them and redfish have been on as well. I am currently running specials on all artificial bait trips check out my website for more details. not un-common to catch 15-20 snook and reds as well as lots of other stuff on a trip, all on artificals. Get in the boat at daylight while its cool and the fish are all fired up. Fish while everyone else is catching bait. On an artificial bait trip you are rewarded by knowing you fooled that fish into biting. It will sharpen your casting skills as well as your awareness of different fish species lurking on the flat. Don't get me wrong live bait is awesome but when the sun is coming up and your working your lure of choice acrost the flat and a big redfish hits it so hard that he almost jerks the rod out of your hand, this is will make you get out of bed and do it again and again.  Get more involved in fishing pick up an artificial bait, take a kid with you as this is a great way to sharpen thier casting skills as well.


9/5/2014 Tampa Bay Fishing Report

Inshore fishing report: The mangrove snapper are still steady and eating well. Redfish schools are showing up all over Tampa Bay with a good bite both on high and low tides. Snook are starting to feed well again catching quite a few on every trip. Big tarpon have been chasing mullet in sarasota bay trout , jacks and ladyfish have all been a part of our days on the water.

Offshore fishing report: Spanish mackeral and larde mangrove snapper are on almost every spot from 3 miles out to 9 miles. Blacktip sharks are all over the beaches with a few tarpon. Big red grouper are out further but the bite is good.

Florida Largemouth Bass Fishing Report: Lake Okeechobee is still going strong with over 20 bass on most mornings. The fish are getting out of thier summertime patterns and chasing shad schools around and getting fatter.


8/21/2014 Tampa Bay Fishing Report

Inshore Report : Inshore fishing has been typical for the hot summer months of August, bait is a little small but easy to catch and the fishing on most days has been very good. The mangrove snapper in the 10-17" range are everywhere and filling limits in the cooler, Redfish have been good most days on the right tides with some huge upper slot fish. Snook have been strong and a few flounder are showing up, look for flounder to start stacking up in the next few months along with the redfish getting even better. 

Offshore Report: The offshore bite has been good with Large 14-21" mangrove snapper biting well, some red grouper and gags are making thier way into the cooler as well. Big flounder should be showing up at area reefs soon and spanish mackeral are everywhere. Gotta watch out for the sharks though as it is shark week, there very active and hungry this time of year.




5/1/2014 Tampa Bay Fishing Report

Inshore Report :  The flats fishing is still strong with lots of snook, reds and trout. Snook season has closed now so were focusing on catch and release snook fishing. Redfish are good sized slot fish and most trout are  in the 16 - 22" range. Flounder are making thier way into some coolers along with some spanish mackeral and sea bass at the inshore reefs.

Offshore Report :  Might
I say the King fish are here and Tarpon are showing up as well. We have had good days Kingfishing when we can get out there, some big fish in the 30lb. range  are just off shore. Lots of out of season Gag grouper are being caught and some Red grouper as well.  Mangrove Snapper have made thier way on deck and into the frying pan, good eats. Key west grunts are always a part of bottom fishing and they are great eating as well. The Tarpon should be here in full swing in the next week or two, my Tarpon rods are ready to have some more line stripped off them, so give me a call and we will get after them. Thanks for reading my report and visiting my site. New comers are always welcome and most of my regulars have become good friends, look forward to taking all of you on a great outdoor experiance on the waters of beautiful Tampa Bay.



3/26/14 Tampa Bay Fishing Report

Inshore Report: The flats fishing has been on fire for me the last week or two with lots of snook, some slot fish too pretty to eat, and a few over with lots of just under 27" fish. The trout have started their spawn and might i say we are catching the heck out of them. Our biggest trout this week was 28" and lots of 20-24" fish, sometimes 50-70 trout in a half day outing. Redfish are starting to turn on as well with a few really good days on them, along with the snook and trout that has made for some killer fishing.

Offshore Report: The king fish should be here tomorrow or any day now, spannish mackeral are in abundance on the reefs. Gag grouper have been hitting hard while catching mangrove snapper up to 21". Some days limits of flounder is not uncommon. Oh and big sharks are showing up in close now too. We hooked a 9' Bull shark on the flats the other day. Keep this in mind if u have any swimming plans while ur here on vacation a 18" Great White Shark was spotted by another Capt. 4 days ago about 3 miles off Anna Maria Island.


3/17/14 Tampa Bay Fishing Report

Inshore fishing is heating up on the grass flats. The redfish have went on the chew biting alot better than they were in the previous weeks, with big slot sized fish in the 8lb range. The water temp is working its way up and thats giving them the appetite they need to gobble up our baits. Snook are feeding on and around the mangrove edges now, and nice sized speckled trout have been getting more abundant. Spanish mackeral are filling coolers along with snapper,

  flounder and a few cobia.

Offshore fishing is awesome when the wind lets us out there. Lots of cobia are being spotted and giving us quite a few opportunities to sight fish them, totally a great thrill. Mangrove snapper in the 15 -20" range along with nice flounder have been abundant and hitting hard some trips are limiting out on both. Spanish mackeral ,bluefish, jacks and big 22-30" gag grouper are keeping us busy out there as well.

 Come on out and get your fish on.


2/25//2014 Tampa Bay Fishing Report

Inshore bite : The bait is starting to come into the bay and with that brings the snook out of the canals, rivers and backwater. Reds and snook are starting to hit live shiners on the flats, sheeps heads are still in good numbers on the rock piles along with spanish mackeral, mangrove snapper small grouper and a few flounder. Snook season opens on the 1st of March this year so come on out and get your snook on.

Offshore bite: We are still catching grouper on the bottom along with hog fish, key west grunts, and some bonito and mackeral are showing up as well. The water is heating up and the cobia will be on the prowl any day now, I've seen a few in my last couple outings but should get real good soon.

See ya on the water!


2/9/2014 Fish'n Report

Were into the beginning of February now wich is our transition month usually where our inshore species start looking forward to longer sunnier days and getting back out on the flats. Some big trout have been hanging out on the deeper flats adjacent to the drop offs and channels. Redfish schools have been in a few areas though they still don't have a huge appetite, it is nice to see them out there tailing. It won't be long and they will be cooperating and crushing live baits. The big bad black drum are moving into the area with a few spotted on my last outing. These 40-60 lb bruisers will be stacking up for the next month and hitting jigs on light tackle, alot of fun.   Our offshore trips have been doing well bottom fishing with Big out of season Gag Grouper stealing the show. Red grouper season is open this year, usually closed now, we are getting a few keepers on each outing. Hogfish, or hog snapper,  have been almost a guaranteed catch each day we get offshore along with nice sheepsheads, and key west grunts  topping off our catches and filling the time gap between our larger fish.

Starting to book up for the spring bite so get on the books now if you're thinking of getting out there.


1/24/2014 Fishing Report

Winter and especially the month of Jan. can be one of our most challenging months of fishing here on the West coast of Florida. Our inshore trips have consisted of fishing deeper darker waters for sheepshead,redfish,black drum,and mangrove snapper with mackeral,pompano,ladyfish and jacks filling in the gaps. The offshore trips have been producing BIG gag grouper, red grouper, nice mangrove snapper and some sheepshead. If you like good eating those key west grunts are filling coolers. I suggest that on those nice calm days , wich we haven't had too many of in the last week or two, going offshore, and on any other day know that you can take refuge somewhere from the cold and still catch fish, bend the rod and have a good time.
After all this is Florida.

Look for this pattern to continue thru at least the next couple of weeks.


Trophy Florida Alligator Hunts get yours now hunts are limited and available on a first come first serve basis. Last year we had some great hunts with 4 out of the 6 gators taken were over 10' with 11'11" and 12' being our two biggest. Here are the hunt dates. Two the week of Aug. 22-29 and 2 the 5-12 of Sept. The hunts are for Lake Istokpoga about 80 miles east of Anna Maria Island and Tampa Bay. This is the same lake we hunted last year and with much success. Also one of Florida's top bass lakes for trophy large mouth bass, if you want to wet a line while your there. Henderson's fish camp has lodging on the lake.

If your interested please get in touch with me soon as these hunts are very limited and extremely hard to get. All the pricing is on the website along with some other info.


Red fish are on the move. Schools of reds have now invaded the bay. We've been doing well with 20 to 25 slot sized reds and a few over slot not uncommon right now. On the same trips we've been catching  trout , flounder, snook, lady fish, jacks, sharks, mackeral, and a few other species in the mix as well. It's just a great time to fish. It's not too hot right now,  there is bait everywhere and the fish are biting so give me a call and we will get after them.  Oh and I still have 2 Gator hunts left if you want to go gator hunting let me know soon. What ever you do it's a great time to get out and enjoy the great outdoors.

Thanks for your time,
Capt. Brady

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