Saltwater Fishing Charters

We Offer Live Bait Trips Inshore And Offshore

For those who simply want to go fishing in Florida, relax, take in all of the scenery and wildlife that Florida has to offer, all while catching lots of fish. Or if you want to wage an all out assault on the fish we can do that too. I don’t mind cleaning some fish for you for dinner, but we do practice catch and release as well. Our fishing resources are very precious these days and captain Brady takes great pride in being a Stewart on these waters of Tampa Bay. So please take home enough to eat but let’s release the rest to get caught by the next generation.

We offer artificial bait trips: For the novice angler with one on one professional help from Capt. Brady and for those who want to learn more about artificial bait fishing. Or for the artificial enthusiast that just wants to sharpen his or her skills. Get in the boat at daylight while it’s cool and the fish are all fired up. Fish while everyone else is catching bait. On an artificial bait trip, you are rewarded by knowing you fooled that fish into biting. It will sharpen your casting skills as well as your awareness of different fish species lurking on the flat. Don’t get me wrong, live bait is awesome but when the sun is coming up and your working your lure of choice across the flat and a big redfish hits it so hard that he almost jerks the rod out of your hand, this will make you get out of bed and do it again and again. Get more involved in fishing. Pick up an artificial bait and take a kid with you as this is a great way to sharpen their casting skills as well.

We Offer Sightseeing Tours

For those who just want to relax on the water, maybe go to lunch, and just enjoy all that the Florida outdoors has to offer. During your day, you will experience many different types of wildlife from Manatees and Dolphins playing to many different species of wading birds, bald eagles and osprey preying on live fish. We assure you that you will have a memorable experience while on board with Captain Brady and Bass N Bay Charters.

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